USI Delivers WICED Module to Gain Great Success Customers

Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform (pronounced "wik-id") eases development effort and simplifies the implementation of Wi-Fi connectivity in an array of consumer devices, especially those with no current networking support. The Wi-Fi module, featuring the Broadcom® BCM43362 Wireless LAN MAC/baseband/radio, includes an embedded processor and unique "self-hosted" Wi-Fi networking library and software application stack. WICED-based modules enable the addition of secure, interoperable Wi-Fi functionality via a simple serial port using a basic command set that does not require any significant changes in product micro-controller architectures.

You can refer the following web page of Broadcom WICED community, http://community.broadcom.com/welcome

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WM-N-BM-09 Module is our first product supporting WICED concept (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) which was pointed out by Broadcom. Any device via this module can easily connect to Internet and perform peer-to-peer access with other Wi-Fi devices (like smartphone or tablet). WICED Module is designed for embedded Devices to Reduce Efforts on Internet Connectivity Activation and Shorten Development Cycle on Host Side, main points are
– Wi-Fi/RF Design and Testing Is Managed by Module
– Wi-Fi Driver and Core Function Porting Is Done in Module
– Internet Related Protocol Stack Is Implemented in ModuleThe module is a composite of Broadcom 43362 WiFi and ST Microelectronics2 Cortex-M3 microcontroller fitting in the compact size of 132mm2. Broadcom 43362 is one of the best 802.11n WiFi solutions in the world according to the performance and power consumption. STM3 MCU executes all software protocol stacks related to HTTP/TCP/IP access and Software Access Point (Soft AP) function. By using the common interface (UART, SPI or USB), any host device can leveraging the power of the module to obtain the capability of Internet and peer-to-peer access right away regardless of the instruction set, computing power or RTOS model on host side.

WICED Module Features
• Highly Integrated SiP Package with Metal-Lid Shielding w/ dimension 11mm (L) x 12mm (W) x 1.3mm (H) by 58-Pin LQFP package
• IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n 1x1 Single-Band 2.4GHz with WiFi Security (Including WAPI)
• Wi-Fi Direct & Software AP Function
• Light-Weight Software on Module Side Because of Simple APIs to Access to Wi-Fi and Network Functions
• Support Various Hosts Regardless of MCU Model and RTOS Version Because of Simple Interface (SPI, UART and USB) Connecting to WICED Module
• WICED Module Has Low Power Consumption to Extend Battery Life

Software Architecture
1. SDK Including Simple APIs for Wi-Fi and Networking Access and Example Codes for Programmers References
2. Abstract Layer Is Running upon Wi-Fi Core Firmware and Networking Functions (Full Internet Stacks) for Programming on Host Side

WI-FI Features
 Broadcom 43362 Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n 1x1 Single-Band 2.4GHz
 Wireless Data Rate up to 65Mbit/s
 Integrated RF Power Amplifier
 Wi-Fi Security Support (Including WAPI)
 Soft AP Support
 Capable for Wi-Fi Direct

MCU features

 STM 32Bit Cortex-M3 Architecture
 CPU Clock Rate Up to 120MHz
 1024KB Internal Flash
 128KB Internal RAM
 Low-Power Sleep/Standby/Stop Modes Support
 WiFi Firmware & Internet Software Stacks Integrated
 Full SDK for Customer Application Development

1.Smart Home Appliances
2.Smart Energy
  – Appliances
  – Light Control
  – Thermostat / HVAC Control
  – Pool Pump Monitor
  – Weather Station
  – Energy Management
3.Health Care
  – Glucose Monitor
  – Weight Scales
  – ECG/Heart Monitor
  – Wander Management
  – Pill Dispenser / Infusion Pumps
  – Blood Pressure Monitor
  – Fitness Equipment
4. Home Automation / Security
  – Security Cameras
  – Security Door Sensors
  – Detectors
  – Alarms
  – Audio
  – Camera
  – Remote Control
  – Toys
  – Robots
6.M2M Business
7.Cloud Computing

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