USI Has Been Sponsored the Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth for 11 Consecutive Years to Discover a New Star in Chinese Literary Creation

(2018-06-11 Shanghai)USI TW, a subsidiary of Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 601231) which is a global giant electronics designer and manufacturer, participated in the 36th "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth" held on the 10th at Hungdao Building of Mingdao High School. USI has sponsored the "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth" for 11 consecutive years and jointly promoted campus's literary writing atmosphere with Mingdao High School‧Mingdao Literature & Arts to discover a new star in Chinese literary creation and to ensure the education of art and literature is rooted practically.



1,598 pieces of articles were received in the Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth this year, with participants from the students learning Chinese in the world. Among these, there are 45 pieces of excellent articles that stood out in such fierce competition. The awarded pieces of articles will be listed in the digital archive of the National Library of Public Information to preserve Chinese literary creation for the long term, thus ensuring the world can read the long-lasting energy of Chinese writing.



To commemorate the late poet Guangzhong Yu who joined the campaign as a judge for several years, Mingdao High School has especially planned the "Special Commemorating Exhibition for Professor Guangzhong Yu", thus paying tribute to the eternal judge who spared no effort to lead succeeding generations of literature! The writer's symposium in the awards ceremony, the judges Hanxiu Lu, Tong Jiao, Yuhui Liao, Huiying Liao, Xinghui Chen, paid a special visit to the event to encourage the award winners in the importance of deep rooted "reading" and cohesive "life" to generate resonance. Tong Jiao especially reminded everyone that for writing new poetry, "image" should always be the emphasis, as well as arranging the most accurate phrase to the most appropriate position. "Concentrate on reading, pay attention to writing". The judges, who were in the mood of expecting a new master, have great expectations for generations of students.  



During the awards ceremony, the Principal of Mingdao High School Albert T. Wang indicated that through the activities inheriting literature planned by Mingdao Literature & Arts, students are provided with a creativity platform for developing literary creations, thus encouraging students nationwide and worldwide to constantly write to cultivate Chinese literary creation and start a new page of glory. The Senior Vice President of USI Brian Shih expressed the company's initiative of constant sponsorship of the Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth, as well as encouraging students to make literary creation. Writing and reading are mutually reinforcing, and reading is the drive supporting creators to continue writing. The Director of the National Library of Public Information Zhongcheng Liu was honored and glad to witness the collaboration of school, enterprise, and government units allowing students to form a literary circle. In addition, it's expected to one day make reading become Taiwan's most beautiful scenery.


USI SVP Brian Shih Presented Award to the Winners of High School Prose Writing Group

About Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth
The "Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth" was formerly known as the "National Student Literature Award". Literary writers including Manjuan Zhang, Wenyong Hou, Yiwen Zhong, and Yinjun Luo were winners of the award during their youth and became outstanding from then on. The judges this year are Ye Du, Tong Jiao, Daiman Lin, Zheng Jian, Sufen Cai, and Jiaxian Yang, who were also the award winners when they were students. Now, their actions of carrying forward the past and leading succeeding generations have become deeds praised far and wide. The Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth is directed by the Ministry of Culture, organized by Mingdao High School‧Mingdao Literature & Arts, and sponsored by Universal Global Scientific Industrial co., Ltd. and Tien Shin Industries Co., Ltd. The award aims first to promote campus's literary writing atmosphere and discover new creation stars to ensure the education of art and literature is rooted practically. The second is to better Taiwan literary creation in the globalization trend through exchanging. The third is to cultivate the literary development in Taiwan area continually, and expand the promotion of literary creation to Chinese language areas furthermore. With the version of promoting Chinese literary creation, the target is to be the most prestigious Chinese literature prize for students in Chinese language areas.


About USI (SSE: 601231)

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