USI Announces SOM IoT Module Products with NXP and Qualcomm Solutions

(2018-05-29 Shanghai)Following product’s high integration and specification application demands, USI (SSE-601231)  R&D team, leading global electronics design manufacturer, utilizing its leading technology in the wireless communications module market, announce sits WiFi and WWAN SOM(System on Module) IoT module with NXP and Qualcomm solutions to provide customers with a variety of solutions for Internet of Things scenario. 


As indicated in IHS’s latest market analysis report, with the IoT’s smart household appliance market becoming ever more prevalent, the entire market sales figure is expected to surpass US$2.2 billion by 2020. This suggests that there will be in excess of 470 million household electric appliances via the IoT worldwide by 2020, encompassing 186 million smart air-conditioners, 131 million smart washers and dryers, 120 million smart refrigerators, 11 million smart stovetops, 17 million smart dish washers,and so on.


USI’s WiFi SOM IoT module adopts NXP i.MX serial microprocessors, combining with ARM microprocessor, eMMC, DDR3 memory, WiFi, BLE/BT, dual-frequency antenna and related technologies, supporting the choice of various memory spaces, and also provide various WiFi specification options (802.11ac/ 802.11abgn/ 802.11n). The module also support a dual-frequency antenna design, enabling the customers to operate an internal antenna or utilize a built-in reserved antenna jack for an external antenna design. Said product supports wide temperature industrial specifications and provides solutions for various application scenarios on Internet of Things such as smart home appliances and smart home security.


Moreover, USI, having years of experience in modules and rugged handheld for many years, has extensive experience in offering diversified product solutions. USI said: “In terms of product requirements, our customers not only look for a miniaturization and robust design but also desire the development time can be shortened and more comprehensive. Our WWAN SOM IoT module adopts Snapdragon, SDM660, APQ8009 by integrating a majority of the system functions and also including the application processor, memory cache, power processing chip, and related wireless transmission functions. The WWAN SOM IoT module can provide different choices on specific product applications, such as Rugged Handheld, Mobile POS, Rugged Tablet, Wearable Device, and Car Terminal. ”

SOM IoT Module with NXP Solution


USI’s WiFi and WWAN SOM IoT module enables its customers to be more competitive in product launching schedule. The design and product WiFi certification time can be shortened by up to 80%, and the cost of engineering development can reduce up to 50% of RD personnel engineering costs and minimize costs. In addition, on varied product developments, it is easier to duplicate the same platform, to reduce the design risk, and also to maintain the intended product performance. 




SOM IoT module frameworkwith QualcommSolution


The collaborating partners of USIs' WiFi and WWAN system-level SOM IoT module products are targeted at smart home appliances, smart home brands, mobile POS, and industrial application system integration (SI, System Integration). The company has discussed product specification design and development with customers in Europe, America, Japan and China.



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