USI Passed the Re-certification of 2016 Senior Authorized Enterprises Authorized by the Customs

(Shanghai, June 29, 2017) On June 28, USI (SSE: 601231), a major electronics designer and manufacturer worldwide and one of the first batch of enterprises passing re-certification of senior authorized enterprises authorized by the customs, attended the Pudong New Area Customs Integrity Management System Construction Promotion Meeting & Senior Authorized Enterprises Awarding Ceremony held in the Office Center of Pudong New Area.


The meeting was chaired by Huang Enpei, Deputy Chief of Pudong Customs; also presentedat the meeting to give their speeches were Lu Fangzhou, Deputy Chief of Pudong New Area; Xie Guozhu, Chief of Pudong Customs; Dong Minhua, Deputy Director of the Enterprise Management Office of Shanghai Customs District; Xin Yaqin, Director of Pudong New Area Commission of Commerce; and Lu Qixing, Deputy Director of Pudong New Area Commission of Commerce.


According to Article 15 of the Interim Measures of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the Management of Enterprise Credit, “The customs shall re-certify senior authorized enterprises every three years, and re-certify general authorized enterprises on an irregular basis”. USI became the first batch of AA enterprises under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Customs District in 2009; seven years later (in 2016), after the reform of customs credit management system, it was necessary for the first batch of AA enterprises to receive re-certification by the customs. Those passing it will retain their rating as senior authorized enterprises, while those failing to pass it will be demoted to the rating of general authorized enterprises or unreliable enterprises.


In 2016, USI was selected as one of the first batch of enterprises to receive re-certification, and was given only three months to prepare the certification data and analyze and rectify its problems.In this period, the intermediary body would issue its assessment report, and the customs would conduct on-site inspection and propose its improvement opinions. In the re-certification process of senior authorized enterprises, the team of USI provided close coordinationwhich resulted inobtainingan excellent comprehensive score, and successfully passed the re-certification. Furthermore, USIwas selected by the customs to give a speech at the meeting as the representative of excellent enterprises.


David Huang, Division Head of USI, attended the meeting on behalf of the Company, and said that we have received instructions from the customs and support from the team, and have been highly evaluated by the customs in the certification process. Our success is, first and foremost, inseparable from the attention paid by our senior management. After receiving the notice of re-certification from the customs, the logistics management department immediately drafted a petition, and submitted it to General Manager, AlbertLiu, who especially instructed that “all coordinating units shall provide close cooperation to achieve great success in this re-certification”. Second, the success can also be attributed to the perfection of the Company’s overall system. This certification involved five categories, 18 types and 32 items, covering internal control, finance, legal compliance, trade security and additional standards. Relatively speaking, the systems of the Company are complete and sound, except that improvements are to be made in details to meet the requirements of the customs for senior authorized enterprise. Finally, the merit goes to the cooperation provided by the logistics management department and other related departments. To pass the certification in one shot, under the leadership of the supervisor, the whole team tried their best to carefully treat each indicator, regularly check data preparations and responsibly ensure timely rectification in person. Our thanks also extend to our financial, materials, factory affairs, environmental safety, HR and other departments for their close cooperation.


Senior authorized enterprises can not only enjoy green channel measures and reduced cargo inspection and spot check in business activities, but also enjoy priority in going through the formalities for customs clearance. In addition, China Customs has established a “mutual recognition mechanism” with Singapore, South Korea, the EU, Hong Kong of China and many other countries and regions in the world, and Chinese senior authorized enterprises can enjoy preferential measures in these countries and regions as well. At present, subsidiaries of USI who are applying for certification of senior authorized enterprises include USIElectronics (Shenzhen) and Universal Global Technology (Shanghai).


Future senior authorized enterprise (AEO) will become a gold-lettered signboard for enterprises, which will enjoy more favorable policies introduced by the State, improve their customs clearance efficiency, effectively control their stock, reduce their cost and create higher economic benefits.



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