USI Organized “Loving the Source of Our Life” Beach Cleanup Activity to Protect the Ocean with Acts

(Shanghai, July 10, 2017) USI (SSE: 601231), a major electronics designer and manufacturer in the world, organized its employees and their family members to participate in the “Loving the Source of Our Life” Beach Cleanup Activity on the Jiuduansha Wetland of Sanjiagang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai on July 8. The activity aimed to protect the ocean with acts, promote the sustainable development of the ocean, and practice its corporate social responsibility.



According to data released by the UN, the ocean accounts for about 72% of the total area of the globe, and the number of people living in coastal regions accounts for about 37% of the total population of the world. These data indicatethat the ocean plays a vital role in ecology and environment, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the source of life. Since 2015, volunteers of USI have teamed up, and cooperated with Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center in participating in the garbage cleanup activity on a holiday in June each year. Because of rainstorm, the activity of this year was postponed to July 8.



The breakwaters on the Jiuduansha Wetland of Sanjiagangwere selected as the site of activity this year. This wetland is a national natural reserve, and requires application before entry. It’s clear that the garbage on the breakwaters has been brought along withthe waves and was strandedin them after lowtide. Each breakwater grid has a depth of about 45cm, almost all of which are filled up by human-made garbage. In addition, the high slope of breakwaters has also increased the difficulties and dangers faced by the volunteers in picking up the garbage. On the day of activity, the volunteers performed beach cleanup work underthe hot weatherin their respective areas, with no complaints; some of them even brought their families and children as well, hoping that this activity would educate their children about the importance of environmental conservation. The activity collected 48 bags of garbage (259kg in weight), all of which were dumped into the garbage truck. The ocean protection tasks of the activity were successfully accomplished.



According to the coastal cleanup data released by Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center in 2016, the plastic garbage accounts for 77%. The data released by the National Bureau of Statistics also indicatesthat 90% of the garbage floats contributing to marine pollution are plastics. The statisticsweremade by the UN show that each year more than 800 tons of plastics weredumped into the ocean. It’s clear that plastic garbage has become an ocean killer. As well pointed out by Antonio Guterres, at the 1st Annual World Congress of Ocean, without acting out, the volume of plastics will have exceeded that of fish by 2050. Thus, Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center points out that, for the purpose of reducing the hazards of marine pollution, we should reduce the use of plastic packages and increase the recovery and reutilization rate of plastics.



At the 2nd China (Shanghai) Corporate Social Responsibility Summit for Listed Companies held in 2016, USI won the Outstanding Enterprise Award. Besides of beach cleanup activity, the environmental conservation programs of the Company also include the Million Tree Program in Inner Mongolia, under which it has planted 23,000 trees and made continuous contributions to builda high-quality and sustainable residential space.





About Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center

As a public welfare organization devoted to promoting programs related to marine garbage, Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center was established in 2007 and went through registration as a private non-enterprise organization in 2013.

  • Mission:Advocating marine environment protection and reducing marine garbage through organizing beach cleanup and other volunteer activities.
  • Vision: Cleaning up the ocean, and restoring the friendly relationship between mankind and the ocean.
  • Business Scope: Organizing young volunteers to participate in marine protection-themed activities; reinforcing public awareness of marine protection, and promoting public participation in marine protection activities.



About USI

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