2018-10-16 USI Developed the World’s First SiPSet Notebook Motherboard in the Size of Credit Card
2018-10-15 USI Has Supported the Caotun Craft Straw Cultural Festival for the 17th Straight Year Holding the Performance of Ming Hwa Yuan 10.10 Thousands of Audiences Watch “Cat God”
2018-09-07 USI Planted 20,000 Trees in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia to Combat Desertification
2018-09-02 USI Volunteer Day – Passing on Love to the Nantou Ren-Ai’s Home
2018-09-01 USI Signed Joint Venture Agreement with Cancon to Jointly Establish a Server Component Company

  • USI(KS) donated 250 sets of new desks and
    chairs to the Central Primary School in Hu
    Jian Township of Anyue County in Sichuan.
    The donation is for the children who live
    in remote villages to have betterand more
    comfortable learning environment.

  • USI (ZJ) & USI (JQ) Sponsor “One Egg” The
    “One Egg” program promoted by Shanghai
    United Foundation is designed to ensure that
    every child has an egg for breakfast every
    morning as nutritional supplementation for
    their growth need. Workers of the foundation
    visited 5 remote schools in Wushuan and
    Mongshan, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
    in September. (2015/10/27)

  • USI Was Invited For The “Let’s Read – Reading
    Program For Elementary And Junior High School
    Freshmen” This year USI was invited by Nantou
    County Government again for the press conference
    of “Government Collaborates with Private Sectors
    for Giving Books” at Ming Jian Elementary School
    for the “Let’s Read – Reading program for
    elementary and junior high school freshmen”.